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Locly Native App Service

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Locly Native is an easy-to-use app creation service featuring proximity and location support. Locly Native has everything you need to pin relevant digital content to the places and spaces around you, and deliver it quickly to people who are nearby.

React Native apps for Android & iOS

We use React Native to ensure that your app looks great and works across multiple platforms and devices, both now and in the future.

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Create micro-moments for your favourite places

Weave your digital moments into the here and now. Use location services like GPS, iBeacon, Eddystone & Physical Web to display, trigger and/or unlock content in the app.

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Affordable pricing for world-class apps

You can have a world-class, professional app that will engage and excite users. Competitive packages that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

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Beautiful designs for smooth running native apps

We have a breadth of experience that allows us to create a professional app for your brand. We only build apps using React Native (not clunky, slow embedded versions of your website), which ensures quality across multiple platforms and devices.

Cloud-based CMS for real-time app updates

Your app will be backed with a cloud-based CMS for updates, similar to e.g. Wordpress. Create your content by uploading text and files to your web account and preview immediately in your app. Any new content, changes and updates appear in the app automatically.

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Simple to set-up location & proximity services

Everything works better in context, so you can easily link your content to places and spaces using technologies like GPS, iBeacon, Eddystone and Google's Physical Web. Perfect for delivering in-the-moment content and triggering notifications.

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Amazing, easy to add interactivity

Our apps support interactive digital content so you can bring your app to life and engage users of all ages. Simply upload your assets - such as audio, video and widget files - to the platform and see them appear in your app. You can also use our free sister site to create your own puzzles and games.

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See how the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen is linking digital with the physical to tell their amazing story.

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Locly Native is an easy-to-use, feature-rich app service

Deceptively simple on the outside, your app is powered by some clever tech on the inside. With Locly Native, we help you create engaging, fresh and exciting experiences for your users.

Fantastic design

Your app is created by a Locly app designer so that it reflects your needs and brand. With custom fonts, colours and app icon your app is unique with its own look and feel.

React Native speed

Offering smooth transitions and fast performance across multiple devices and platforms, React Native is the perfect platform for your app.

GPS, iBeacon & Eddystone

Locly Native supports GPS location services and Bluetooth BLE beacon technology so that you can deliver content based on the app users exact location.

Physical Web ready

Pin content from your app to your Google Physical Web beacons so that it's detected by Chrome users on Android and iOS devices. Where better to place a deep link to your app?

Push Notifications

Use GPS locations or physical beacon devices to tigger automated push notifications to app users when they are nearby. Or manually send push notifications to devices, wherever they are.

Real-time app preview

Use our simple CMS to create and amend your content, then see changes in your app within seconds. But don't worry - changes are not published to your live app until you're ready!

Multi-layered content

Our structure of 'Collections' and 'Cards' lets you build up layers of micro-content in your app which can be assigned to different locations or physical beacon spaces.


Our apps work with or without connectivity. Content can be wrapped up in the app to work offline, or can be downloaded via Wifi/3G on the go.

Visibility rules

Choose exactly who sees what where and when. Use the platform's in-built visibility rules to hide/trigger content and to schedule content visibility by time or date.

Augmented Reality

Bring augmented reality to your app, allowing your users to experience an enhanced reality when viewing the world through your app. Use for information and engagement plus fun and games!

100% coding...

We'll do the coding for you, so editing your app content can be done simply using web-based screens. But if you'd rather get stuck in then all the code json is exposed giving you ultimate control.

Multimedia & widgets

Locly iOS and Android apps support most file formats so you can create some really amazing content which is automatically converted for you. Audio, video, web-links, widgets, pdf are all supported.

App analytics

Learn more about your users and how they interact with your app via the Locly app analytics screens. These are web-based and can be linked to your Google Analytics account.

Hardware Supply & Setup

Through our beacon hardware partners we can provide you with indoor and outdoor beacons suitable for every project, and help you to get them setup with an onsite visit.

Store submissions

Once your app is ready we can help you submit it to to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We also support Enterprise Apps for businesses who want to deliver a private app.

So many app possibilities...

Whatever industry you're in, Locly helps you build a great looking native app that will engage & delight your users. Here are just some of the apps that we have helped to create...


Use digital content such as photos, images and widgets. Bring history to life with music, narration and artist impressions.

Tours & Guides

Create audio & visual tours of your museum, town, factory or event. Guide app users along a specific route or let them wander!

Open Days

Allow visitors to explore your site discovering digital content as they go. Add maps, audio & video files to help them find their way.

Temporary exhibitions

Enhance temporary exhibitions with an amazing app. Use as a marketing tool to promote the event before, during and after.

Permanent Exhibitions

Pack your app with great digital content to appear when a visitor is nearby. Wow with animations, trigger physical displays or even place a beacon on an expert!

Events & Expos

Ensure that attendees are up-to-date with schedules, news and results. Use Slack to push real-time content to the app and to chat with users.


Instantly transform a space with an atmospheric soundscape. Pin audio files to different locations and let the app user discover new sounds as they go.

Treasure Hunts

It's easy to turn part of your app into a fun game or challenge with both beacon devices and GPS. Users need to visit each location in turn to complete the challenge.

It's easy to get started with Locly Native

We are committed to offering affordable & professional app development for projects of all sizes and in all industry sectors. It takes just a few simple steps to get started...

1. Quick app project creation

Get in touch with us and we'll setup an app project location for you online, allowing you to upload content and share designs.

2. Easy content upload
using our CMS

Use our web-based CMS to upload your app content. Then preview on your device in real-time to test and share with your team.

3. Simple beacon device setup

If you're using beacon devices, simply link them to your content using the CMS. You can also link content to GPS locations in the same way.

Let the real-world be your canvas.

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