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Organisations across the world are using Locly to create some amazing digital tours, trails, soundscapes and more. Here are just a few:

Rakegate Primary School

Out and about with iPads

The Learning Technologies Team hosted Rakegate Primary School’s Year 4 class at Kingswood Centre in Staffordshire for a day of outdoor adventure and learning. The main activity for the day was technology-led orienteering, which involved the children tracking down bluetooth beacons hidden across the leafy grounds of Kingswood using just an iPad and a map.

With every beacon came a different challenge. As the children came within range of a beacon instructions appeared on the ipad, setting tasks which tested their technological skills as well as their knowledge of the outdoors.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the tasks, and rated the day “5 stars out of 5 stars”. Quote of the day: “Today has been the best day of my life because it’s better than having to write and do literacy and maths. We got to go outside and explore.”

“iBeacon technology is bringing a whole new dimension to teaching at SPF Schools. We are be able to take our existing content and deliver it in a way that has real-world context. Discovery and sharing has never been easier.”

Daniel Edwards, Director of Innovation & Learning, Stephen Perse Foundation.

"Visitors can now see audio presentations, dramatic presentations and pictures. It gives them a whole new layer of was heartbreaking to see people come in to such a wonderful heritage building, spend 10 minutes and walk out again."

Sally Coleman, Heritage Manager, Leicester City Council.

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