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Locly Native App Features

simple, smooth and above all customisable

The Locly Native CMS is like other web-based publishing tools e.g. Wordpress. Use simple card templates to create amazing interactive content, then preview instantly on any iOS or Android device.

App Card Templates Supported:

Text / Images
Audio / Video
Scavenger Hunt
Before & After
Image Zoom
Photo Overlay

Image & Native Maps

Choose from a number of different map types to include in your app. Upload any map as an image, then add tappable hotspots to allow users to find relevant content. Or, create a native map (see screenshot) and add pinpoints for one-tap navigation to location-specific information.

360° panoramas

Upload amazing 360° photos to your app using the 'Panorama' card template, then overlay with tappable hotspots to link to relevant content in the app (we use the brilliant Theta 360 camera). Tip: Link one panorama card to another using hotspots so you can achieve a 'Streetview' style virtual experience.

National Botanic Gardens example

Mix & match layouts

Users navigate your app content by tapping on card 'covers', and you can choose from a selection of different cover styles to create different layouts. Styles include Full Bleed image, Info, Avatar and List. 'Grid' layout can be used to present content in categories using icons, whilst 'Carousel' lets users scroll smoothly from left and right through a collection of card covers to find what they want.

Selfie photo overlay

Add some fun interaction to your app! Create an image with transparent areas and upload it to the 'Selfie' card template. When a user taps on the card in the app they will be prompted to take a selfie, and to line up their photo with your image. Perfect for encouraging sharing on social networks!

iBeacon Trail

See how Cadw used iBeacons to turn visitor mobile devices into Dragon Detectors.

client case study blog

Interactive images

Our CMS lets you do some clever things with images. Use the 'Before/After' card to let users scroll smoothly between two images for a before/after effect. Or use the 'POI' card to add tapable labels to your images. You can also upload other HTML5 widgets, including Bookry widgets.

See how Cadw used Before & After

Scavenger Hunts with Badges

Use the 'Discovery Grid' option to link a collection of cards together and create a Treasure Hunt. E.g. find these 6 object in the building or, solve these 6 clues to complete the challenge. You can also pin your clues to GPS and beacon locations, so that they are only unlocked when nearby.

Bundle download

Locly Native has different options for bundling content. You can include all your items in the app, or if this grows to be too big, you can include a smaller set of content and have the remainder streamed on-demand - useful for large videos for example. You can also mark these as optional bundles that the user can download on request and take with them. This gives you the best of both worlds - small app size, large library of content, and full off-line use.

Push notifications

Ensure that your app users are always up-to-date with your activities and never miss a thing! Locly supports both push notifications triggered by location/proximity, and those sent manually to all app users. These notification options are easily setup in the CMS.

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