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Using Locly Sandbox with iBeacon & iPads in Education

Locly Sandbox for iBeacon

discovery & learning in the real world

Locly Sandbox is being used across the world to let students explore the spaces around them and discover digital content with their iPads. Locly Sandbox offers the following options for schools:

Free iPad app

Download our app from the Apple App Store and use it with your Locly Sandbox account and iBeacon devices to deliver digital content in the here and now.

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Custom iPad app

Rebrand the Locly Sandbox app and make it your own. Add an app icon, splash screens, custom colours and have your own listing in the Apple App Store.

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Mobile app for parents

Get a customised Android and iOS app for parents, visitors and prospects, with your own app icon, custom colours, fonts & branding. Perfect for prospectuses, events & open days.

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Using the Locly Sandbox app with iBeacon devices you can show the right content, in the right place and at the right time. There are so many potential applications, here are just a few:

Learning zones

Link different content to a number of different beacons.

Self-discovery Displays

Enrich physical displays with video, audio & widgets.

Information Points

Deliver snippets of content at busy locations in your school.

Learning Trails

Link beacons together to create a trail, tour or treasure hunt.


The Locly Sandbox app and iBeacon are successfully being used to engage all students at the same time, and in the same classroom. Students explore the space with their iPads to discover digital content and complete challenges set by different beacon devices at their own pace.

See Mary Immaculate School Case Study


With the Locly Sandbox app you can deliver alerts to the right person at the right time. From the Locly Sandbox CMS you can set notifications to either be triggered automatically by a beacon device, or manually sent to all devices, wherever they may be. Example uses for notifications are:

Main entrances & exits

Send welcome notifications and daily notices for students and parents.

Corridors & notice boards

Great for pinning your digital content to notice boards e.g. sports/after school clubs.

Assembly halls & public spaces

Send information to everyone when they’re together in one place.

client gallery

See how Learning Technologies took pupils from Rakegate Primary School on an outdoor beacon treasure hunt!

read the blog

Give your iPads eyes!

A winning combination of easy-to-use iOS app, simple CMS and hassle-free device setup means that you can start playing with iBeacon tech within minutes.

Free iOS app

Download our app from the App Store to use it with your Sandbox account. The app is optimised for iPad 3 and above, however it has an inbuilt in QR code scanner for older devices.

Easy-to-use CMS

Photos, diagrams, audio files, videos, keynote presentations, 3D models, HTML 5 widgets…we’ve made it super easy for you to upload all your favourite content.

Multi-user logins

With the Locly Sandbox iOS app users need to login to see content, which keeps everything safe. It also means that you can control who can create, edit, publish and view app content.


Use polls, treasure hunts and interactive widgets like puzzles and games to challenge and stimulate students. Locly Sandbox supports most widget types including Bookry widgets.

Google Integration

Create groups on Locly Sandbox or link to your Google account to use your existing group structures. Use the feature to let students create and edit their own content and control visibility.

Simple iBeacon setup

You don't need to use physical iBeacon devices with Locly Sandbox (you can also use your iPad as a beacon) - but if you do, we've made it very easy to set them up online or via the app itself.

iPad as a Beacon

With just a couple of taps you can turn any iPad into a beacon and share content with other iPads that are nearby e.g. a student next to you, a classroom of students, or an entire school in the assembly hall.

Content Cache

With the Locly Sandbox app your have the option to cache content to use offline. " should be "With the Locly Sandbox app you have the option to cache content to use offline.

Visibility rules

Choose exactly who sees what where and when. There are a number of ways to do this: by using 'groups' or by scheduling visibility by date and time.

Layered content

You can pin different content to the same beacons e.g. a beacon in the main corridor can be used for sports news, welcome notifications and as part of your Year 9 science treasure hunt!


You can create content easily in multiple languages under ‘manage languages’. The student can switch between languages from a dropdown in the app.

Internet of Things

For the slightly more adventurous there’s an option to play with the Locly Sandbox SDK and Raspberry Pi to experiment with beacons and physical things.

It's amazing what you can do with just a few beacons!

We love what educators are doing with their iBeacon devices. Here are some simple ideas to get you started...

Learning Zones

Interactive Displays

Information Points

Feedback Forms

Treasure Hunts

Content Sharing

Open Days & Events

Educational Visits

iOS & Android app for parents

Imagine an interactive prospectus that can deliver school information, up-to-the-minute news and offer
one-to-one messaging for teachers and parents... that’s a Locly Mobile app for parents:

  • Custom branded app for your school
  • Easily create/update app content
  • Absolutely no coding required
  • Include text, photos, videos, audio & more
  • Chat & messaging for parents & teachers via Slack
  • Supports one-to-one & group notifications
  • Content delivery with or without beacons
  • Price bands to suit all budgets
  • Cost-effective way to get your own app

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Working with our partners

Locly Sandbox has a growing network of education partners and professionals. These experts can help you understand and deploy iBeacon in your school, and assist you with creating content, training staff and setting up your beacon devices.

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extended classroom

digital interpretation for schools

Locly Sandbox is being used by museums and galleries to create interactive iPad content for school visits. Existing digital educational content - such as worksheets, pdfs and presentations can easily be placed into a Locly Sandbox app for students to discover on their iPads when they are onsite, bringing a new level of engagement to their visit.

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Getting started with iBeacon in Education

Locly Sandbox lets you explore the potential of iBeacon in your classroom and it's so easy to get started.

1. Get the iOS app

Grab our app from the Apple App Store and contact us for your Locly Sandbox login. You're then ready to start creating your content.

2. Upload some content

Create content online or via the app itself. Add images, videos, files (pdf, keynote etc.) web links (Google Forms) and even link to other apps.

3. Setup your beacons

If you're using beacon devices, simply link them to your content so that it can be viewed on the iPad by any student nearby.

Transform your classroom spaces.

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